Movie review : HERO (Ying Xiong) (2002)

Movie review : HERO (2002)

Hero (2003)
Here is another review for you!

I have watched this movie quit a few times already, time to write about it.
To tell you the storyline of this movie is not so simple, there are a lot of twists and any explanation will spoil the movie for you. I suggest you watch the movie and read this later, or just read it.
Set in ancient China, in the time when china was divided into six kingdoms. War terrorizes the country. The Qin emperor has ordered to capture three rebels who tried to assassinate him, a minor official known as Nameless claims that he defeated all the rebels, he is called to the palace. What the eperor not knows is that the parents of nameless (he never knew his name) were killed by his army. As most swordsman in Martial arts movies he wants to avenge the death of his parents. The rebels turn out to be cooperators with Nameless and they were not killed by Nameless but just injured skillfully and secretly escaped from their death coffins (did not see any of that in the movie) and healed from their wounds (great trick, would like to learn that one). I know this is beginning to sound like the typical Kungfu movie, family of boy gets killed, boy goes up the mountain learns Kungfu comes down the mountain and takes revenge, end of movie. But this is not so simple, this movie is not about revenge, revenge is indeed a poor subject for any movie. The movie tells about the dream of a unified China, without war.. How the story ends? Just watch… if you are sensitive about bad endings you might want to skip this movie. If not, enjoy.
Now about the actors! Leading role, Nameless, is played by Jet Li. With fierce eyes and his muscles tensed at all times he cuts his way through the movie. Co-starring are Donnie Yen, Ziyi Zhang. Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung. This is an excellent cast! Wow! (Jackie Chan is missing actually).
Maggie Cheung, plays this dramatic character, Flying snow,(love those names) emotional unreliable, jealous , just like most woman.
Donnie Yen has a small part, as Sky, fills it quit nicely though, has a great action scene and it is quite interesting to see him with long hair (hear me, talking nonsense again).
Ziyi zhang has a small part also, she plays the disciple of Broken Sword, Moon, who is quit a bit fond of her teachter, fond enough to run up and down the desert for him and fight against Jet Li (great scene). Then there is Tony Leung as Broken sword, the calligraphist/swordsman and as it finally turns out, the one who understands everyone, even his enemy.

The martial arts sequences are hypnotizing. There are a lot of slow motion camera shots, there are leaves forming tornado’s (small ones). There is fighting and flying over water (just like the birds in spring) and there are arrows, lots and lots of them, flying all over, millions! Not a problem for Jet li though, just bashes them away with a sword. Or like one of the rebels, just catches them with his hand and breaks them, (what is an arrow? A piece of breakable wood, nothing more). For the female viewers I must add that there is Romance in this movie (romantic softhearted males might interest this also!). Between Maggie Cheung and Tony there is this thing… but everything added up we might as well call it plain dramatic.
The music is first-rate, gives a special feeling to the movie (I fell to sleep once with the music on, every time I listen to it I fall in sleep again). The violin is played by Itzhak Perleman, being a fan of classical music made me really surprised to read Itzak Perleman in the credits.

This movie is just one you cannot miss, this is cinematic brilliance!  (with a depressing twist)





















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