Fanart: Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

Here is fanart wallpaper that I made from some Heaven Sword And Dragon Saber photos. Enjoy!

Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber fanart:


Watercolor version:


6 thoughts on “Fanart: Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

  1. yes exactly like you say, different layers.
    I had a very good background picture from the sea that I used to make everything blend together.
    And I set the “mode” from all the other pictures to “Lighter” so that it would get more transparent. Then I used the paint tool to make parts darker from the background. That way the pictures would get more visible (lighter mode makes the picture more visible on a black background and less visible on a white background) and blend with everything else.
    And finally removing the sharp edges from the pictures with the erase tool…
    that’s what I did, more or less…

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