#Favorite Movie (THE MYTH 2005)


Second question from the ONE YEAR challenge (this blog is doing the same challenge, read it at http://plumblossomspetals.wordpress.com/) . Favorite movie! This question is difficult!!
A lot of my favorite movies have been reviewed by me already, a movie I haven’t talked about jet though is “The Myth”. And since I’m currently watching the series that is based on the same story (Produced by Jackie Chan and with Hu Ge), I think this movie is a good choice.


It has two story-lines, one takes place in the Qin Dynasty and the other one takes place in the present day.

In the story that takes place in the Qin Dyanasty, it follows the life of General Meng Yi (Jackie Chan). He has to escort the Korean princess Ok-soo (Kim-Hee sun) back to China. Unexpectedly the Korean general Choi and his army are there to bring her to her ” rightful home”.  The armies clash and the carriage from the princess balances on the edge of a cliff. General Meng Yi tries to save the princess but while fighting he and the Princess fall of a cliff into the water. More warriors try fight him and although he defeats them all  he is badly wounded. The Princess treats his injuries and she starts to have feelings for him. But the general cannot go against his duty…


In the Second story line,  Jack (Jackie Chan) is an archaeologist. He is the reincarnation of Meng Yi, and in his dreams he sees his previous life. On a mission to find a treasure, he finds a painting of a princess. The princess that he saw in his dreams. He and his friend William (Tony Leung Ka-fai) however steal another treasure, this results in a lot of trouble. luckily Jack gets help from an Indian girl called Samantha (Mallika Sherawat).


The story continues with Jack trying to uncover the secrets of his previous life.

Personal Opinion:
Now, I am a big fan of Jackie, this is the guy that made me a wuxia freak. And this movie is for me one of his best ones (yes, I’ve seen every single movie from Jackie).  The story of this movie made me feel especially sentimental. And I find the exploration of different lives one of the very best subjects for a movie. Not often do we get to see how our previous lives influence our present, but this movie did and it made it feel “real”. Above that, this movie is so full of action that you will fully go into the story. I got fully into it, the ending left a special scar on me as well.


Now to the action. The choreography is, as with any movie from Jackie, Phenomenal.
One of the most amazing things is the ending scene, because most of it takes place in the air in anti-gravity. Now flying is not a new thing in wuxia movies but anti gravity is quite something new. It’s sort of rediscovering the art of Wire fu. A bit scary perhaps, because in the anti-gravity space you can actually get stuck and never come out. Weird, this movie is even science fiction.
Kim Hee-Sun flying and look at that guy stuck in anti-gravity space.


Other than anti-gravity we also have extremely-sticky. This is the kind of thing only Jackie could come up with, a scene where Jackie fights people on a conveyor belt that is like one big super glue thing.



So yeah other than being a dramatic story it is also full of comedy.
Another thing that was original/unexpected about this was that other than being filmed it Hong Kong and China it was also filmed in Hampi, India.

Acting? Yes for me both Jackie and Kim Hee-Sun did a wonderful job. Mallika Sherawat was a very amusing actress and Tony Leung Ka-fai  was alright also. I don’t have anything bad to say about this movie just highly recommended don’t forget about the ending dude.



4 thoughts on “#Favorite Movie (THE MYTH 2005)

  1. Love your little review about it!! Haha, I didn’t even thought about a review of my favorite movie. But, I agree with you, totally epic movie. I wonder if there’s any anti-gravity place on Earth where you can fly like that also, would be awesome!

    • haha thanks! Yeah would be cool to find an anti-gravity place on earth like that! Actually it’s easy If you go outside the earth in space than you can have total no gravity everywhere haha but it’s not that easy.

      • Going outside in space, lol. It’ll be forever for some random non-astronaut to be able to go with astronauts outside of Earth to space. And.. it’ll be scary if like you’re stuck in gravity in space, haha.

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