30 Day Challenge DAY 30

Day 30 – Favorite Production Company (or director). 

Zhang Jizhong

My favorite director is Zhang Jizhong (techincally more a producer then a director actually). Why? Because he produced one of the best series ever: The Return of The Condor Heroes…. and production Company? Tangren of course!!!

So, Last question from the challenge!!!! I’m done!!! I’m not ripped and haven’t lost weight but I had a lot of fun. 30 days have been passing fast.


30 Day challenge DAY 29

Legend Of The condor Heroes

Day 29 – A series you want to see but haven’t yet.

Well, First of all, I need to finish watching qin’s moon season 3 and 4
and what I want to see after that?

I can’t name only one because I’m going to watch
ALL OF THEM except for the series without martial arts or the very old ones. Also, they need to have subtitles, because otherwise I’t won’t be really fun. I do watch something without subtitles occasionally, for the action scenes. But dialogues can be really frustrating. Often I’m asking myself, is this meant to be romantic? Or are the scolding each other? Not idea.

But series I would watch after Qin’s moon would include
the Legend of the Condor Heroes, Seven of the sky, Taiji prodigy, Swordsman 2013.
And a lot of other series, I think I won’t run out of them. But sadly, time runs out fast so maybe I will watch them simultaneously, or all at once. Then I would have to watch One series my laptop one on my other laptop and one on my computer and one on my television! Must try it, but I’m afraid I won’t survive doing that. I think I could actually explode with doing that, so no,
life is really about quality not about quantity.

But if I have to give a definite answer, only one series, then it would be the Legend Of The Condor Heroes. I’m going to watch it because everyone is saying that it’s a good series and because the Legend of the condor Heroes is the prequel from the Return of the Condor Heroes. And as everybody knows, I’m a really big fan of that series!!! So yes, I really need to watch the Legend!

The questions from this challenge come from:  http://www.wuxiaedge.com/30-day-wuxia-and-ancient-chinese-series-challenge/

30 Day Challenge Day 28


Day 28 – Favorite Dynasty in which these shows are set in.

The Song Dynasty, It was the ruling dynasty in China between 960 and 1279.
Main reason being the fact that the Return of the condor heroes was set in it. Also, I was reading about it and found that it was the first government in world history that made true paper money and the first to use gunpowder, something that helped a great deal to fight off the invading Mongols. The war between the Mongols and the Han people from the Song Dynasty is extensively shown in the series.

The questions from this challenge come from:  http://www.wuxiaedge.com/30-day-wuxia-and-ancient-chinese-series-challenge/

30 Day Challenge DAY 27

Day 27 – Favorite Hairstyle and Outift.

Favorite outfit, 

Xuenu’s outfit from Qin’s moon. It’s breathtaking, really special and out of the ordinary.
It makes me ask a simple question: what are all those girls doing wearing blue jeans when they could actually wear things like this? That thing on her head could become unpractical when wearing it in real life, but who cares, it’s not as if anyone is going to do what I say…

I guess this question about jeans could be asked to us men also… (there are some cool men’s outfits around)



Xuenu’s beautiful outfit


Favorite Hairstyle:
Xiaolongnu in the Return of The Condor Heroes, Beautiful…


or this:


😄 😄 XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The questions from this challenge come from:  http://www.wuxiaedge.com/30-day-wuxia-and-ancient-chinese-series-challenge/

30 Day Challenge DAY 26

Day 26 – Current or most recent wallpaper used.

I just finished making a fanart about the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber. And I have it as my wallpaper now. I think I will change it into another one soon , but it’s good for now. I will keep it for at least one day, until I have made a new one….

Watercolor version:


The Heaven Sword And Dragon Saber fanart wallpaper.
As you can see, I love reflections, mirrors and things like that…

Normal version:
THe Heaven Sword And Dragon Saber

The questions from this challenge come from:  http://www.wuxiaedge.com/30-day-wuxia-and-ancient-chinese-series-challenge/

30 Day Challenge DAY 25


Day 25 – Most memorable character in Ancient Chinese Series. (spoilers)

Lin Yueru,

She is really a very memorable character, mostly because of the way she died in Chinese Paldin. To sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others, deserves some extra attention and credit. I’m really not a melancholic romantic but Lin Yeuru almost made me into one (almost!). I think she was very close to earning what people call “unselfish love” maybe not totally in a universal way (she only loved Li Xiaoyao). But I think it’s a very good start! It was really special and unlike any other characters.

We will always remember you…

30 Day Challenge DAY 24

imageResize (2)
Day 24 – Favorite philosophy.
There are a great many, every series has a lot of philosophies and I regret that I dind’t make notes. (would have made writing this a lot easier)

My favorite philosophy comes from Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, and it consist of one sentence. From Zheng Dongliu when he explains to Li Gexiao the importance of discipline:

“To be a good person may require a lifetime’s worth of hard work, but to be a bad person a mere thought will suffice”

I like this philosophy because it is all about our thinking, I think that If we don’t control what we think, we might as well become animals. Thoughts control our actions (most of the time) they differentiate us from others, they make us who we are. And a bad thought can determine your life…  right?