Condor Heroes Trilogy Family Tree

I hope this family tree will help to have an overview of the complex story of the Legend and Return of the Condor Heroes. The idea to make this started with the fact that I realized that the “Yellow Dress Maiden” (Liu Shishi) is actually a descendant from Mu Nianci (Liu Shishi)!


Both families together :
Sadly Xiaolongnü’s parents and Mu Nianci’s parents are unknown.

History of the Condor Trilogy adaptations

Highly popular and loved by many “The Condor Trilogy”, a trilogy composed of three wuxia novels by Jin Yong (Louis Cha).

The novels in the trilogy are:
The Legend of the Condor Heroes (射鵰英雄傳), published in 1957.
The Return of the Condor Heroes (神鵰俠侶), published in 1959.
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (倚天屠龍記), published in 1961.

Over the years a lot of television adaptations of the condor heroes trilogy have been made, one arguable better than the other, to have a clear view of the adaptations I made a list. (I didn’t include movie adaptations, only series.)

Legend of the condor heroes :


1976 version with Jason Pai and Michelle Yim


1983 with Felix Wong and Barbara Yung,


1988 version with Howie Huang and Idy Chan


1994 version with Julian Cheung and Athena Chu


2003 version with Li Yapeng and Zhuo Xun


2008 version with Hu Ge and Ariel Lin!

Return of the condor heroes:


1976 (Law Lok Lam & Lee Tong Ming)


1983 (Andy Lau & Idy Chan)


1984 (Meng Fei & Angela Pan)


1995 (Louis Koo & Carman Lee)


1998 (Christoper Lee & Fann Wong)


1998 TW version (Richie Ren & Jacklyn Wu)


2001 Anime Version


2006 version with Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei.


Upcoming 2014 version (Chen Xiao & Michelle Chen)

Demi gods and Semi Devils:


1978 Adam Cheng and Liza Wang


1984 Liu Dekai and Liu Yupu


1986 Tony Leung and Kitty Lai


1993 Steve Ma and Cecilia Yip


2000 Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai,


2003 Alec Su and Alyssa Chia


2009 version with Deng Chao and Ady An.

The legend of the condor heroes recap 7-9


The legend of the condor heroes Episode 7

The episode begins with Guo Jing, Huang Rong, Mu Nianci and Yang Tiexin. They discuss their previous adventure in the palace and Yang Tiexin thinks he saw Bao Xiruo. They conclude however that Tiexin had one too many blows on his head last night and was seeing things that weren’t there.


But because the princess saved Tiexin’s life he decide to visit, and thank her after all. Even if she isn’t Bao Xiruo. In the meantime Huang Rong distracts Ouyang Ke with a game. And also, due to a kick in Guo Jing’s knee from Huang Rong, Guo Jing falls over and drags Mu Nianci with him, causing Yang Kang to interfere. And fight against Guo JIng. The fight distracts the guards and gives Yang Tiexin a chance to visit the princess. They only see each other for a moment, but they begin to recognize each other. Before they can really talk to each other, Yang Tiexin is dragged away by the guards.

Back at the palace Xiruo asks Wanyan Honglie if Yang Tiexin is really dead. She begins to doubt the fact because she saw Tiexin earlier. Wanyan Honglie, lies about it and keeps saying that Tiexin has been dead for a long time.


When night falls, they all go out to sneak into the palace again. Mu Nianci serves as the distraction while Huang Rong and Guo Jing try to find the medicine for the priest. Everything was going just fine if it wasn’t for Mei Chaofeng who is determined to take revenge on Guo Jing. Hiding between the rocks she attacks Guo Jing. Luckily he is able to escape from her and finally he even finds the medicine. However, he also finds a HUGE SNAKE!!! AAAH!  He fights the snake and ends up killing it.


back with Huang Rong he shows the medicine that he found and she even says that she finds that Guo Jing is really smart! He isn’t convinced however because his teacher also said he was the smartest person in the world when in fact they were scolding him.  But Huang Rong assures him that “when a person is stupid pass a point, they’re smart. ”

Finally Yang Tiexin has a confrontation with Wanyan Honglie, and Honglie even admits that his wife is in fact Bao Xiruo.

Episode 8


This Episode continues where it left off earlier, the confrontation with Wanyan Honglie. The prince tells about how Bao Xiruo attended to this injuries in the past when Qiu Chuji injured him badly. He got madly in love with her after that. After more arguments, they end up fighting each other. And Yang Tiexin walks away injured and defeated, he feels guilty for not finding his wife earlier.

Meanwhile Mu Nianci is in the palace also, she finds Bao Xiruo who got locked up in her little home. She opens the lock and talks to her adopted mother. When Mu Nianci encounters Yang Kang later, she asks him who his real father is. They argue and end up fighting, Mu Nianci is captured and taken to Yang Kang’s room.


To add to the whole tragedy, when Xiruo and TIexin meet, Tiexin denies he’s Yang Tiexin because he feels like he has lost against Wanyan Honglie. Xiruo is desperate and faints, she’s taken back to her room by Wanyan Honglie and Yang Kang. Yang Kang is worried about his mother but lets her rest and attends to his prisoner, Mu Nianci, in the meantime. Mu Nianci is furious and tells Yang Kang about his real identity. At first Yang Kang gets furious and begins to scold and hit her, but then he begins to cool down and drink, he tells himself that it’s all not true, but he has to put a lot of effort to convince himself.

When Xiruo wakes up, she wants to attack Wanyan Honglie but while they fight, she ends up injured. When too much time passes, Huang Rong and Guo Jing go out to search for Mu Nianci. In their search they run into a fight with Ouyang Ke and his girls.


The episodes ends with Huang Rong and Guo Jing escaping, but on the last moment Guo Jing gets grabbed/kidnapped by Mei Chaofeng. O_O

Episode 9

This episode begins with Guo Jing being strangled by Mei Chaofeng, however Huang Rong knows Mei Chaofeng. She was once a disciple from Peach Blossom island but was expelled. When they came back to steal another part of the Nine Yin manual, Huang Rong saved them by not letting her father know about them. With this history, Huang Rong convinces her to let Guo Jing free. In exchange she will have a good word with her father to let Chaofeng return to Peach Blossom Island.


Even Though Mei Chaofeng seems unreasonable at first she decides to do as Huang Rong wants and even helps them escape. They run off to search for Mu Nianci and find her with Yang Kang, they try to convince Yang Kang to leave with them but instead they end up fighting. When Guo Jing’s beginning to loose the fight, Xiruo comes running to Yang Kang. She tells him the truth that his father is not Wanyan Honglie.

Yang Kang has what looks like a nervous breakdown.


Next morning, Yang Kang and Bao Xiruo leave Wanyan Honglie for good. Even Though Wanyan Honglie tries everything to keep them, he doesn’t succeed. They return to Yang Tiexin, but when they arrive he’s not there. They search for him everywhere but don’t find him. Xiruo finally wants to go into the temple to burn incense. Xiruo Begs Bodhisattva for help, and as it turns out Yang Tiexin was hiding there behind a statue of Bodhisattva.

They reunite as a family finally after 18 years. However, they don’t seem to get along in the same way as they did in the past. They have trouble forgetting the past.

Let me just end with a picture from previous episodes:


An introduction to the charachters of LOCH

So, before I continue with my recaps of the legend of the condor heroes, let me introduce all the awesome characters!!!

Main characters :


Guo Jing (Hu ge) The protagonist. Most people call him dumb, but in many ways he’s more sensible than other people.
He falls in love with Huang Rong.

Personal opinion: I’m really impressed with Hu ge, he really plays a totally different character than that he plays in his other series.

He does a really great job as Guo Jing!!!!!!!!!!

He learns a whole array of skills including Yue Maiden Swordplay, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms the Seventy-two Styles Vacant Fist and even Nine Yin Manual skills!!! (The nine yin Manual is something everyone wants and fights about)



Huang Rong (Ariel Lin), the daughter of The Eastern Heretic.  A very strong and righteous Character. But also, very audacious. Because just like her father she will speak her mind and will not let anyone dictate her thoughts and actions.

She has many talents, writing, poetry, martial arts, and her cooking skills are so good that she’s able to persuade one of the greatest martial artists: Hong Qigong to teach her and Guo Jing his skills. (Hong Qigong has this thing for food!)

Her skills include the Dog Beating Staff Technique and Jade Flute Swordplay.

Mu NianciLegenofthecondorheoresMu Nianci (Liu shishi),  she is Yang Kang’s romantic interest.  And later becomes the mother of Yang Guo (the protagonist in the sequel of this series: the return of the condor heroes).

She is absolutely like Jin Yong described her in the book: “firm like a piece of jade, despite appearing weather-beaten, she is beautiful, with bright eyes and sparkling white teeth.”












Yang Kang, he’s spoiled by Wanyan Honglie. He falls in love with Mu Nianci.














Minor characters:

Zheng HuaLegendofthecondorheroes

Huazheng, the daughter of the great Khan. She was Guo Jing’s childhood friend, and she’s desperately in love with Guo Jing. However, Guo Jing only he sees her as his good sister.

Bao XiruoLegendofthecondorheroes
Bao Xiruo, she has a good heart and is a very empathetic character. While believing her husband is dead, she is persuaded by Wanyan Honglie to becoming his wife. She raises her son as a Jin and doesn’t tell him his real identity.

Hong Qigong, the beggar’s sect leader. He is playful and funny and has an exceptional love for food.
His fighting skills are even more exceptional, he is one of the “five greatest” (best five in the world).


Eastern Heretic (Huang Yaoshi), as his name already suggest he is a very interesting character. He is Huang Rong’s father and master of Peach Blossom Island.


Qiu Chuji, a member of the Quanzhen sect. He befriends the Guo and Yang families and becomes Yang Kang’s teacher.


Guo Xiaotian, Guo Jing’s father and Li ping’s husband. He is killed by Duan Tiande’s men.


Li Ping, is Guo Xiaotian’s wife and Guo Jing’s mother. She was able to survive the raid on Niu Family Village but was captured by Duan Tiande. Later, she escapes and eventually settles in Mongolia. She gives birth to her son and raises him in Mongolia.

meichaofengLegendofthecondorheoresMei Chaofeng, as you can see; not someone you want to encounter in real life. She was once a disciple from Peach blossom Island but was expelled. She is blinded by one of the “Seven Freaks” and her husband is accidentally killed by Guo Jing.

Ouyang Feng, one of the “five great”. He has an extremely powerful martial arts style and is an expert at deadly poison. He’s quite evil but sometimes unintentionally very funny!! 😄


Ouyang Ke, he’s Ouyang Feng’s son. He falls in love with a Huang Rong and Mu Nianci (he’s a bit of a flirt) and it seems he had very little love in his life. (his father only thinks about martial arts)

The totally awesome 7 freaks of Jiangnan!!! So awesome they would deserve a series of their own!
They are a group of seven chivalrous martial artists from Jiangnan, after making a bet with the  They become the teachers of Guo Jing.

Temüjin, a warlord that unites all the tribes of Mongolia. After succeeding he becomes the famous Genghis Khan.


Tolui, is the fourth son of  Temüjin,. He becomes Guo Jing’s anda (sworn brother)


Wanyan Honglie, a prince of Jin empire. And The real mastermind behind the attack on Nu village, he wanted to seize Bao Xiruo to keep her for himself. He succeeds and marries Xiruo and raises her son as his own.  He has an obsession with the book of Wumu, that he plans to use to eliminate his enemies.

Yang TiexinLegendofthecondorheores

Yang Tiexin, Bao Xiruo’s husband and Yang Kang’s father. He’s very skilled and is an expert in the martial art ‘Yang Family Spear, a skill that has been passed on for generations in the Yang family. He survived the attack on Niu village but wasn’t able to find his wife after that.


Liu Ying, also known as Yinggu and nicknamed “Divine Mathematician”
She fell in love with Zhou Botong, and for various reasons (spoilers : ) ) she plots for revenge on Duan Zhixing.

She is really (in my opinion) one of the most interesting minor characters in this series.

Zhou BotongLegendofthecondoreheroes
Zhou Bothong, a disciple of Wang Chongyang, the founder of Quanzhect. When Wang dies he becomes the most senior of the sect. He doesn’t accept students an doesn’t remain at Quanzhen sect all of the time. He likes to roam the world and fight, play and have fun. He does keep the respect of the Quanzhen members and he does act according to the rules.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes episode 5-6


Episode 5

Yang Kang keeps asking his mother, if he’s really his fathers child. His mother asks him if he didn’t resolve all his doubts after the expedition with his father. He says that he didn’t because his mother is living in a separate house and is always looking gloomy. He never had the feeling of having a real family… (aahhh… poor Yang Kang!!)

This episode introduces two new characters, Yang Tiexin  (Yang Kang’s real father) and Mu Nianci (Yang’s adopted daughter). In this episode Mu Nianci organizes a spar for a spouse. A lot of contestants join the competition and after defeating numerous idiotic monks and evil looking guys she finally fights with Yang Kang. She is defeated by him and according to the rules he has to marry her. Yang Kang doesn’t want to however and Yang Tiexin fights with Kang about it. With his evil Nine Yin claw, Yang Kang almost kills Yang Tiexin but Guo Jing saves him and fights Kang. While fighting he is also almost defeated but a Taoist priest rescues him. (love those priests!)


Mu Nianci (Liu shishi)

Later on the priest even tries to remove Yang Kang’s martial arts by 80 percent but the bold abbot (one of the martial arts masters from the Jin’s) comes to interfere. The abbot takes on the priest and the even though the fight looks like a draw, the priest actually suffers from the abbot’s poisonous palm.

Meanwhile we see Guo Jing waiting by the waterside for that boy Huang Rong. And then we see what kind of boy Huang Rong really is, she is a girl, and what a beautiful girl! But not as beautiful as his mother, explains Guo Jing. Huang Rong tells us about her father, all his talents and the fact that she was angry at him and ran away.






The competition for the leader of the martial artists continues in this episode. Ouyang Ke takes on all the experts and wins them easily. Yang Kang wants to compete also but his father forbids him and appoints Ouyan Ke as the new leader.


Ouyang Ke with his girls…

When Huang Rong and Guo Jing walk around the city they find the priest from earlier lying on the ground, almost dead. They hurry to save him and Huang Rong puts him in a bath so that he can force all his poison into the water. When the priest is awake they discover that he’s Wang Chuyi, one of the Quanzhen Seven.

To really cure him however they need some particular herbs, but everywhere they look it is sold out…. they figure that the bold abbot (I must look up his name) must have bought all the herbs. They also suspect that the herbs must be stored at the Prince’s manor…

Episode 6

In this episode Yang Kang invites Mu Nianci to the palace and strangely she accepts his invitation. We later learn however that she only accepted the invitation because she wanted her shoe back (I think she already liked him though). The shoe he had stolen from her during the fight.


When Yang Tiexin discovers that Nianci has gone to the palace he goes to the Prince’s manor as well.

Meanwhile Guo Jing and Huang Rong sneak into the manor also, to find the herbs they need to cure Wang Chuyi. (everyone is going to the Prince’s manor!!!!!!) They quickly run into trouble however, Ouyang Ke and his ladies discover them. Not totally unexpected they fight them. With a few point strikes from Huang Rong however the girls are quickly converted into statues, or non-moving girls. (If you’re acquainted with wuxia series then you will know what I mean) As for Ouyan Ke, Huang Rong keeps him busy with a game so that Guo Jing can search for the medicine.

Huang Rong’s point-striking! (I added the flares myself)

notice how the girls turned into statues : ) great trick!!

When Tiexin enters the palace he gets beaten up by a few martial art. He tries to escape and while being wounded he meets Bao Xirou (yes, she’s actually his wife). They don’t recognize each other and Tiexin says he won’t accept kindness from a Jin and goes away. Xirou tries to convince Wanyan Honglie to let “the man” go because he was only trying to protect his daughter in an issue where Yang Kang is actually at fault. Wanyan Honglie sees that her words make sense and considers it. Guo Jing and Huang Rong find Yang Tiexin and decide to take him home, however the guards discover them. The prince lets them go, all thanks to Xirou..

Back home, Yang Tiexin finally tells Guo Jing who he really is! His uncle, his fathers sworn brother, Guo Jing is overjoyed…

It ends with a flashback,  this time we see how Yang Tiexin survived luckily and how he was unable to find his wife Bao Xirou after that.


Huang Rong (Ariel Lin)

Personal opinion:
Excellent episodes!!!

It may well be the best part of the series, how Huang Rong transformed herself from a boy into a really beautiful girl! Yes, this was a surprise! (not really) I did see Guo Jing being really shocked about it! But not as shocked as I would have been actually.  I would go  o_O  O_O @_@!!!! for a few minutes or maybe hours. Could it be that Guo Jing already suspected that she was actually a girl? It can’t be, he is supposed to be a dumb person, he would never expect it. But on the other hand, we all know how those “woman dressed as a man disguises” look right? We can all see that they are actually girls! But no, we can see it but those in the series never do…

As to The addition of Yang Tiexin and Mu Nianci: it is phenomenal, the series is taken to the next level with it!

Mu Nianci and Yang Kang’s romance is really beginning in this series, you can see it all coming. But so far it just has to to with stealing shoes, a curious matter all on itself.  And their whole relationship is interesting actually, I especially don’t understand why Nianci falls in love with Yang Kang. (This might have to do with my intelligence level) But as we will see later on, Yang Kang isn’t as bad as he looks so Nianci has a point. He’s a Yang after all…

Another thing has been puzzling me is Yang Tiexin, in his younger years he was able to fight a whole army but now he gets defeated by a few interesting looking martial arts guys from the Jin palace. That made me feel bad, he must be out of shape because of depression or something… If he would use his Yang family Spear on the guys at Jin Palace nobody would stand a chance.

And then there is the fact that Tiexin and Xirou actually don’t recognize each other!! I can understand that, but it’s horrible!

Last but certainly not least let me talk about the spar for a spouse, isn’t that an amazing thing? How important is martial arts? The best fighter actually gets to marry the woman?! Can somebody tell me if this sort of thing really happened in history?!! I have seen it in series before, (Chinese Paladin 1) It’s always awesome to see!!! Still, arranged marriages, marriage for money status etc.. are all things I’m used to seeing, but a “fight for the bride” still sounds really amazing in my ears.