Series Review: Taiji prodigy (2002)


Taiji prodigy

Introduction to the story:

The story is mainly about the young Zhang Yunbao (who later becomes Zhang Sanfeng, the famous founder of taiji) who lives in a Buddhist monastery. His parents have send him there because of a superstitious belief.  When he turns 18 he’s already an incredible martial artist. When his teacher goes to the pugilistic meet, he secretly goes with him. At the pugilistic meet, there is a discussion about deciding on the new leader, Jifeng (master of the famous Yang Ming manor) and Sirong start fighting for that position. Meanwhile, Junbao is outside with some others to catch a giant snake, that they all saw earlier. Suddenly the snake appears it it’s gigantic form, and while hearing all the noise, Sirong and Yifeng join the fight with the snake. They are not the snake’s match. Luckily, the extremely skilled Yi Tianxing is able to fight off the snake and our good friends survive. Sirong is however, as we discover, one of the people working for the Prime Minister Qin. The leader of the rebels that try to overthrow the government.


Next day Yifeng and the rest of the martial artists set out to protect the general Yue Fei. However before they are able to reach them, they are attacked by the four demons of the western regions. And Sirong is able to distract the highly skilled Yi Tianxing from the fight with faking illness. Yifeng fights the demons and asks Junbao to save general Yue Fei from the rebels. Junbao setts off immediately. After saving the great general Yue Fei from rebels, the general gives him a bundle. He tells him that he has to give it to General Feilong. Afterards the general dies, and Yunbao is left with the bundle. He decides to search for Feilong. Sadly, nobody knows Fei Long, it’s almost as if he never existed. As if things couldn’t get worse, the whole town is talking about Yunbao’s mystery object, rumors spread that it is a martial arts manual a map or a book of war, and soon everyone is looking for Yunbao to steal his manual.


while being in town, he discovers to his horror, that his father is marrying another woman called Ming Dao Hong, and that she’s a few decades younger than him. Yunbao decides to take action and kidnaps the woman (his mother in law as he calls her) to bring her back to her home town. However one of the four demons of the western regions stands in their way, with the help of Yifeng they are able to defeat her. surprisingly, Sirong shows up as well. They set out on an journey, Yifeng seeks to restore his once famous Ming Yin manour. Yunbao learns more incredible martial arts and continues his search for Feilong.  Dao Hong falls hopelessly in love with Yunbao. Sirong goes on spying, fighting and trying to get rid of her admirer Yi Tianxing.


Will Yunbao be able to find general Feilong? And will they discover that Sirong is a spy of the prime minister? And what would happen if Yunbao would fall in love with Sirong? 😄 O_O

The series continues with more endless trouble, hilarious scenes and difficult romances.



Dicky Cheung as Zhang Yunbao (Zhang Sanfeng)


Li Xiaolu as Ming Daohong

Li Bing Bing as Qin Si Rong

Rebecca Wang as Zhao Yu Er

Ruby Lin as Bing Xin

Hu Jing as Lin Xue Yan

TAE as Zhang Cui Shan

Alec Su as Yi Tian Xing (and Ruby Lin on the right)

Yan Kuan as Yi Ji Feng (and Rebecca Wang on the left)

Personal opinion:

I definitely like this series to the maximum, it’s the most amazing fusion of comedy and tragedy, you can laugh and cry at the same time. And Zhang Yunbao is a really amazing character. He’s not an “revenge to the end!” type of person, he forgives his enemies and is the most animal friendly person that ever lived (really, he is!).

To illustrate, he rather lets himself be bitten (or feed them, however you want to call it) by mosquitoes than to kill them. Very honorable indeed!! 😄 watch here

Not very surprising that he can talk to animals  and is a strict vegetarian. He’s even quite successful in convincing people to become vegetarian also, like how he turned a giant snake (well yeah, he doesn’t count as human I know) into a herbivore! Now that’s impressive!!!

Junbao just has a great personality that you can easily feel compassion and admiration for. As to the actor, Dicky Cheung is amazing, 10 out of 10 stars. THE BEST!!!!

Talking about stars; there is the “out of this world actress” Li Bingbing who plays Sirong! A character that looks like an unfeeling and yes a tiny bit evil. But you can’t help but like Sirong, even though she’s the prime ministers spy and goes around hitting people. Luckily, as we see later on, her personality changes for the better.

Someone you really can’t help loving is Li Xiaolu as Ming Daohong, she’s a really adorable girl to watch, even though she’s extremely superstitious (her divination sticks are practically used for everything).

And yes, the series may be a decade old , but I really don’t notice, it’s still good and yeah, even the special effects were fun to watch !! : )

But really, the comedy in this series makes everything more than worthwhile to watch!

Oh and if you’re interested in unusual camera-shots this series is full of it. (it reminds me of everything around 2000, with camera’s moving all over the place) However, they use it in this series for comical benefit.


Let me not forget (I rarely forget this), it has Martial arts! It has a lot of fights, with all the necessary flying around, 360, 540, and thousand degrees turns and incredible explosive fists. (when someone punches and the ground and all the sand starts exploding, -I know- it’s impressive)

And yes there is Taiji fist! You will have to wait almost until the ending to see Taiji in the series, but it’s worth the wait! What I like is that you see a sort of experimental stage of Taiji, there is even a moment that one of Yunbao’s disciples thinks he’s dancing when in fact he’s doing Taiji.

I guess it’s like Confucius who said “never give a sword to a man who can’t dance”, luckily, Dicky cheung is really not a bad dancer XD.


Okay, I’ve mention the word tragedy earlier… just don’t over attached yourself to the characters and you’ll be fine.



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